The Gilliana Story

When our father built his first residential pool in Hobart, Indiana way back in 1970, it would have been hard to imagine the nationwide reach his little business would one day enjoy. But with every new project the company’s knowledge deepened, and every satisfied customer led to yet another opportunity. Through it all, one thing stayed constant, and we think it’s the secret to the company’s success: an extreme dedication to quality and customer service is what Gilliana Pools is all about.

We’re Jason and Robert Gilliana, and we’re proud to say that today Gilliana Pools is a national leader in residential and commercial pool design. We build in all 50 states (and in the Caribbean too), and Gilliana is the only aquatic design company to be endorsed by both Marriot International and Hilton Worldwide. But we don’t let that success go to our heads. At heart we’re still the same company, and we’re guided by the same ideals.

We believe that a luxury pool should look and feel like a work of art, that it should be a one-of-a-kind creation. Just as important, a commercial pool or a backyard sanctuary should meet your specifications exactly. We work with you to make sure that’s just what happens – and when construction wraps, WhiteCo Pool Solutions (our sister company) is there to answer all of your maintenance, service and warranty needs. With Gilliana Pools, you’re a part of the process, and we stand by you for the long haul.

Check out some sample projects over in our gallery, and feel free to give us a call or write to us today to talk about your commercial or residential pool project. Thanks for reading. We look forward to hearing from you!

Jason and Robert Gilliana