A Residential Pool Like No Other

When a new homeowner decides to research designer pools, the local neighborhood usually isn’t the best place to start. The typical residential pool is based on a one-size-fits-all design. But while “cookie cutter” pools serve their purpose just fine, a custom swimming pool builder can do so much more with the property. To find unique backyard pool ideas, you’ll want to start by exploring magazines and scouring the Internet. Then it’s time to talk to the builders at Gilliana Pools.

At Gilliana, we never build the same pool twice. Our clients come to us for a special waterscape that complements their home’s unique architecture. They want a residential pool that respects the sightlines and topography. Most of all, they want something they’ll be proud to show off, and a space that feels organic and fresh.

We give you all that and more. During the initial consultation, your input is a crucial part of the design process. We’ll work with you to design the shape, select the materials and talk about usage. Do you want a freeform design featuring integrated landscaping and a relaxing waterfall? Perhaps a raised fire pit or Jacuzzi in the southwest corner would bring that area to life. Or maybe an elevated pool is just the thing for your backyard escape. If you can dream it, we can render it in 3D and then make it real.

The craftsman’s skill and the artist’s eye: a custom swimming pool builder needs both. Call Gilliana Pools today to talk about a custom residential pool for your backyard, or to discuss renovation. We also offer ongoing maintenance and servicing through our partner, WhiteCo Pool Solutions.